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Danbo learns to… cook Air Fryer Crabsticks

JC shared the site ‘Hello, Danbo‘ and it reminded me that I had been neglecting Danbo for a long time.

Today I asked Danbo what does he wish to do, and he reply me he wants to learn how to cook.
Since I need to prepare Air Fryer Crabstick for my colleagues tomorrow as House warming snacks, he shall learn it beside me.


  1. DODO crabsticks (Somehow every article I read told me only DODO brand crabstick can do the magic)
  2. 2 teaspoon oil, to toss


  1. Set airfryer to 180 degrees and preheat for 3 minutes.
  2. ‘Peel’ the crabsticks into one small piece around 1cm
  3. Pour a bit of oil over. Toss the crabsticks.
  4. Airfry for 15 minutes. Open the tray every few minutes and toss evenly.
Today’s output… either too soft or burnt. Worse than the batch I did previously. Guess I am too greedy thus unable to cook them properly. 🙁

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