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I guess most people who bothered or not bothered about Singapore news might have heard a bit or at least saw an re-post in Facebook regarding “Singapore Little Indian Riot” incident.

Image credit: Channel NewsAsia

Just in case you are bit aware, as the name hints, ‘Little Indian’ is an area in Singapore where a lot of Indians of various nationality gathers, especially during weekend.

It was first reported that there may be up to 400 people who might be involved in the ‘riot’.

400… A figure that might not be significant enough compare to the 5.3millions population in Singapore, but shocking enough to turn on the alert flag to most Singaporeans.

The riot lasted around an hour or more. People are hurt. Vehicles are burnt. Money are lost.

What if… These 400 people decide to use their energy on something else instead of participating an riot?
What can 400 person do in an hour?

  • 400 needy families might get their meals distributed
  • 400 blocks of flats might get their floor sweep
  • 400 patients might be saved (average waiting time for an emergency A & E patient is 50 minutes)
  • 40 households might get to have a makeover (It’s possible! Watch 60 Minute Makeover)
  • …. what else can you think of?
Let’s sing praise to those who had better utilised their time to help other, they are the ones who should get all the attention, not the rioter.


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