New Zealand: Muriwai Beach

Cousin were here for two weeks so we decided to meet up to explore more of Auckland 🙂
A & S are friendly people who do not mind meeting new people, so we all decided to meet up and go to explore Half Moon Bay. Half Moon Bay is a coastal suburb located immediately south of Bucklands Beach in Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand.

Unfortunately, after we reached there, we were a bit lost on where to go @_@

Half moon bay, although we were sorta lost I still find it beautiful

Busy J & A decided to squeeze some time for us *grateful*, they suggested that we can go Muriwai Beach to watch the gannets. When I just reached here, it’s not the season for gannet watching yet, so this is the first time I came over to Muriwai Beach – The black sand beach 🙂


It’s misty although it’s a sunny day.


Muriwai Beach has black sand that is caused by the iron content derived from the ancient volcanoes in the area, these black sand is moved up the west coast of the North Island by longshore drift.

The sand at the beach is suppose to be normal beige color and black color but I am not too sure why is there blue color sand as well, wonder who can answer me?



The views from the colony were indeed impressive.



The beach is clean and sand is soft, people can walk on the sand without fear of getting hurt 🙂


The weather is cooling and not too cold, good day for bonding walk 🙂

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  1. Nice Photographs, beautiful scenary…

  2. Thanks Dear. Waiting for you come over so we can take more photos together 🙂

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