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Social Media 101 Lessons: How to do Facebook Cover Photos

Social Media 101 Lessons: 5 Things to Avoid When Taking Selfies

All bloggers must know this~

When Twitters looks like Facebook: Will there be “One Social” some day?

Today I was finally prompt to set my Twitter account to the new look and feel. With all the social media platform having each other features, and beginning to look more and more alike to each other, will there be… Continue Reading →

I’m back!

It’s been “quite some time” since I last update my blog.G had came over to New Zealand and we have gone traveling a bit around the country. Due to tight time constraint and lack of research before hand, we only… Continue Reading →

Social Media Usage Statistics for Singapore

Recently gets to read more articles on social media – it’s becoming part of our life these days, including work life.Interesting statistics for Singapore, do you see where you stand here? 🙂 Courtesy of: Infographics.SG

Random: Social Media + Digital Photography 随想:社会化媒体+数码摄影

When I saw this video shared over facebook, I can’t stop laughing at it.This is so… the general Singaporean. I am definitely not the camwhore but I am guilty of stopping people from eating and *bang bang bang* (shooting) the… Continue Reading →

My first marathon: #RunFreeRace

Can you imagine how excited am I? I just finished my first marathon: #runfreerace! This is the first international marathon and 1000 runners from 44 US States and 25 countries had taken part! Got our running kit! The race cost… Continue Reading →

#UniqueHawker: 面煎粿

Don’t ask me why a person on diet joined in this facebook challenge: #UniqueHawker.It’s organised by Food Blogger Daniel Ang who “challenge” bloggers to hunt for some unique food in Singapore, and these food should be found in a lone stall in… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: Run Free 2013

Are you joining Run Free 2013?I will be signing up for it. 🙂 I think it is a real cool event and certainly encourage everyone to join it. 🙂


It always surprised when people asked me ‘You also know LinkedIn?!’… I mean… when those professional asked me. I was also one of them who is confused on what is LinkedIn but I get to create an account since 2010… Continue Reading →

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