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幸福是尾巴 Happiness is your tail

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There was this little puppy asking his mum “What is happiness?”
The mother dog answered “Happiness is your tail.”
From then onward, the little puppy start to pursue his happiness – by running after his tail. He run and run and run, but he can never catch up with it.
He got so frustrated that he asked his mum “Why can’t I catch my own happiness?!”
The mother dog answer “Why are you running after your tail? You can never catch it in this way. All you need to do is go forward, and your happiness will follow you everywhere.”

To a lot of people, happiness and wealth is just like the tail of that little puppy, not realising, the more you try to pursue after it, the more you will never be able to catch it. The more you desire for it, the further the happiness and wealth will gets away from you.

Perhaps I am too passive and lack of the fighting spirit, all I can do it to cherish.
But I believe that happiness is a tail. If I need to chase that tail around, that tail is not my happiness.

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