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Singapore Blog Awards – Finalists are out!

Remembered I once mentioned about the Singapore Blog Award on my previous blog post? Now what? The complete list of SBA2013’s Finalists is out!
From 27th May 2013 till 23rd June 2013, we can start voting for the blogs we support. Just sign up for an account on http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/2013/register/ and you can start to vote.

Saw a few names/blogs which I have been following and is happy for these finalist, regardless if they will bring the awards home, it’s already a form of recognition for them.

Was chatting with hpility, who is also is also one of the finalists for Best Microblog, and he was telling me that he is now waiting for the magical blackout…

Haha, he has less than a month to learn his magic… good luck to him!~

Official website: http://sgblogawards.omy.sg
Twitter: #omySBA2013
Instagram: #omySBA2013

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