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100 Plus PAssion Run 2012

It become almost a yearly event for me to sign up with 100 Plus PAssion Run.
Of course I join in the 5km fun run.
Goodie bag is my favourite part of all running events, different events gave out different items and sometimes I will think they serve like lucky bag (福袋).

Gosh! This year tee is striking orange which reminds me of those serving corrective work order!
Quite a surprise to see my big name in front of the number tag and the notebook.


A backpack! There is an insert which makes it become a laptop bag in demand… quite a good idea!


It’s a evening run and 5km batch started at 6.30pm, but I left my house around 4.30pm.
Initially I was about to meet up with David, he is running 9km and his race started 5.45pm.

End up I was late and we didn’t managed to meet up before the run… on my way there I was surprise to find the runners, cyclists, and pedestrian all along the same route… a bit dangerous…


Finally reach! Saw this big sign board which eveyone is busy taking photos with…


First time early so I get to see the clean start point 🙂


Guest of honors on board…. to cheer the runners on~

At the start of the run, I realised I forgot to bring my mp3 and earphone so I run the toughest 5km in my life, busy imagining the music in my head and looking on thinking of how to take more photos without draining my phone….

Just cannot understand why with such a big space set up for the cups, people still threw it along the road.
Kudos to those who help to maintain cleaniness of Singapore.

One good thing about running along East Coast Park is, you get to see a lot of nice scenery….


This year, they changed the path slightly and just when you thought you are reaching the finish point, you realised you need to run further away from the finish point… run and run and run till you reach the Bedok Jetty! By then a lot of people already feel demotivated and slow down…


Finally! Finish point!

Finally I reached the finish point! 40mins for 5km, 8min/km… I was expect something better but I guess lack of exercise contribute to the result. 🙂

Looking forward to the next run on 24th November~

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