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Movie time: Frankenweenie

Watched Frankenweenie tonight and gosh, it’s such a nice movie!!! Must watch!

The plot summary of the movie is as below:

Young Victor Frankenstein loves science but has no real friends besides his devoted dog Sparky. When the lovable hound gets hit by a car, Victor is inconsolable, until he sees his science teacher Mr. Rzykruski who make a dead frog’s limbs twitch by connecting them to electricity.

Victor decided to dig up Sparky’s grave, elevating him to the sky during an electrical storm, and Sparky’s alive. Alive!

Victor tries to keep his reanimated pet a secret, but soon his classmate figure out what’s going on and, in an attempt to keep Victor from besting them at the upcoming science fair, they all electrify dead animals and accidentally create horrible beasts that threaten to destroy the whole town.

Particularly agree with what the Science teacher, Mr. Rzykruski, told Victor that “People like the convenience science bring to them, but not the questions science asks.”

I think Tim Burton is the only man who can make a classic black and white movie in this century…

How I wish I can have a chance to meet up with Tim Burton at least once in my life, I really admire him for his ability to giving people the ‘dark hope’… You always managed to find hope in the darkness of his movies.

The show actually remind me of the literature text which I had studies years ago – The Monkey’s Paw. According to wikipedia, the plot is as below:

The story involves Mr. and Mrs. White and their adult son Herbert. Sergeant-Major Morris, a friend of the Whites who has been part of the British Armed Forces in India, leaves them with the monkey’s paw, telling of its mysterious powers to grant three wishes, and of its journey from an old fakir to his comrade, who used his third and final wish to wish for death.

Mr. White wishes for £200 to be used as the final payment on his house. Following that, Herbert is killed by machinery at his company, but they do get compensation of £200.

Ten days after the funeral, Mrs. White, almost mad with grief, asks her husband to wish Herbert back to life with the paw. Reluctantly, he does so. After a delay, there is a knock at the door. Mrs. White fumbles at the locks in an attempt to open the door. Mr. White knows, however, that he cannot allow their son in, as his appearance will be too grotesque. Mr. White was required to witness and identify the body, which had been mutilated by the accident and then buried for more than a week. He wishes his third wish for Herbert to remain dead, and the knocking stops. Mrs. White opens the door to find no one there.

The theme of the story is contained in this description of the paw: ‘”It had a spell put on it by an old fakir,” said the sergeant-major, “a very holy man. He wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives, and that those who interfered with it did so to their sorrow.”

Suddenly I remember a quote in Skyfall – “Be careful what you wish for.”

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  1. Wow! What a story. I love Tim Burton too. I love his holiday movies. Especially the Nightmare before Christmas. I am going to share that story with friends. It really makes you think.
    Maggie Goebel

  2. Hope you enjoy the movie~

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