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Recap of September 2012: Singapore Turf Club 170th Anniversary Celebration

Got a call from sis at 1.30am 30th September when I was having supper with G at McDonald.
Sis told me she got 2 tickets to go to the Singapore Turf Club 170th Anniversary Celebration and asked if I am interested. Since I never went to turf club before, I guess it will be a new experience and of course I say ‘YES!’.
Thanks HP for giving me and Sis this opportunity to attend the event.
This is actually a blogger event, although I do keep a blog, but it’s more of a personal one which I don’t really share, so it’s really quite impossible for me to get invite to this type of event on my own credit 😀

Need to crawl up of bed by 9am as Turf club is at Kranji, and it’s a long 1hr 45mins travel away from my ‘Far Far Away land’.

We are given free entrance to the Marquee with free Lunch/Hi-tea till late afternoon. 🙂

What can we do for the day?

Somehow the bloggers we met up are really fun loving batch of people, it’s quite impossible to feel bored. HP attempted to take a photo to kiss the ‘signature horse statue but Jessie decided to be more creative and take a photo of kissing the ass of the status (and my sis CK get so excited busy taking photos of her in action).

Kissing the ass!

Can you find the smallest set of letterings on Singapore note?
Well, I learn new knowledge that the row of ‘line’ on the top of the Singapore note is actually not just line, but is actually form by a row of letterings!! Can you see the words on it?

Smallest set of letterings on Singapore notes.

First time able to watch the racing horse from such a ‘near distance’.

Life is a race…

We tried to win the whole turf club with the $5, but obviously we did not success…

Our bettings.
Free gold coins?

The sky looks moody for the day, because it’s upset for us for failing our ‘mission’ to win the turf club?

My favourite subject – Sky!

We got to have a short tour around the Owner’s Lounge also. Interesting, every table have a small monitor with the results and other information so the people do not need to walk around or stress their eyesight for the result board.

Owner’s lounge

Before the race started, the horse will actually be brought to the track and walk in circles… Not sure if it’s warm up exercise or for the betters to view the horse condition?

White Prince Charming…

Once the race started, you will see this view… everyone will have their eyes on the track, waiting to cheer for the winning horse which they bet on.

Eager eyes waiting to cheer for the results

Guess what? White prince charming (the horse) won the race!!!

White Prince charming won the Race! The winner will ctually go to a corner of the racing track to be ‘honoured’.

Of course the Jockey plays a very important part… when the winner jockey of race 12 walk by, I over heard someone saying to him ‘Wow! You won a clean race!’. It’s is only after that when I passed by other jockeys then I realised, they have mud over their face and clothes… guess it’s not such a ‘clean occupation’ afterall.

Winning Jockey of Race 12 – Clean and no sweat 😀

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  1. What an interesting post! Singapore is another place I will probably never get to go in my life… so what fun to see it here.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences!


  2. Hi Janel, Glad you enjoy the post. Turf club is one place I never think I will go there because I don't really gamble, but this is a very fun opportunity thanks to my sister's blogger friend and I learnt a lot and have fun 😀

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