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CB Day 48: Sunday

Today is 24-May-2020. Today schedule is: 11:20am: Took some time for Kpo Kia and papa to wake up after I woke up. I was rotting doing nothing, but since the duo took quite a while to finish cleaning up, I… Continue Reading →

CB Day 47: Saturday

Today is 23-May-2020. Today schedule is: 10:00am: Can’t sleep last night again, so wake up to  make ramen eggs, ended up, sleep at 3am again… Wake up at 8+am, but my body only managed to pull itself up from bed… Continue Reading →

CB Day 46: Friday

Today is 22-May-2020. Today schedule is: 10:10am: Pull myself out from bed after some struggle. Breakfast is a cup of Old Town white coffee and the Taiwan Castella cupcake made the previous night 2:00pm: Kpo Kia papa came home with… Continue Reading →

CB Day 45: Thursday

Today is 21-May-2020. Today schedule is: 9:50am: Wake up feeling very tired as I slept almost 5am last night. Kpo Kia reminded me that today she have zoom session with her teacher, as we forgotten about her session yesterday and… Continue Reading →

CB Day 44: Wednesday

Today is 21-May-2020. Today schedule is: 10:00am: Wake up same time as Kpo Kia. Slack. Bored. Roasted all sesame seeds at home, just put on stove medium heat for 4 minutes… Since nothing to do while waiting for lunch, starts… Continue Reading →

CB Day 43: Tuesday

Today is 19-May-2020. Today schedule is: 9:40am: Tired like mad. Cannot sleep last night again. Just wake up 10:40am: Finally finished baking the first batch of Tuna prata puff for breakfast. I guess one skin for one puff is just… Continue Reading →

CB Day 42: Monday, again….

Today is 18-May-2020. Today schedule is: 9:10am: Breakfast is a cup of Old Town coffee and a slice of Nutella bread. Noticed that these days once I woke up, I will be busy with preparing breakfast instead of doing my… Continue Reading →

CB Day 41: Sunday

Today is 17-May-2020. Today schedule is: 11:10am: Although I wake up early in the morning, I keep falling back to sleep. Only managed to pull myself out of the bed just before noon but still ended up on Sofa… No… Continue Reading →

CB Day 40: Saturday….2 more weeks… I hope

Today is 16-May-2020. Finally managed to solved the magic cube last night before I slept. Happy like a bird. Today schedule is: 11:20am: Wake up late again and breakfast is half cup of Old Town coffee and a slice of… Continue Reading →

CB Day 39: Friday… finally

Today is 15-May-2020. Today schedule is: 9:10am: Tiring, only managed to drag myself out of bed at 9:40am even though I woke up earlier. Breakfast is half a cup of Old Town white coffee. Not sure what to eat. After… Continue Reading →

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