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Motherhood: A working cow’s pumping life

I remembered once I made the decision to breastfeed LO, a big question for me is “How do I pump in office”? Working in a young company with a open concept office space (even our meeting area is “open” and… Continue Reading →

Parenthood: Things not to say to a new first time mum (actually, to me)

As a FTM (first time mum), I was “shared” a lot of knowledge and advices, but everybody have different opinions and thinking so sometimes, I feel like singing to them “You say it best, when you say nothing at all…”… Continue Reading →

Parenthood: Arrival of Princess Leticia

Today is the 4th month after Leticia is born, decided to share my delivery experience on this public blog with other first time mum who might be interested. I have to say that everyone have different experience depending on their… Continue Reading →

Mum & Baby Zumba Dance Class

Shall I?My kinetic skill sux, but then again, this seem fun! Search online and saw that there is Mum & Baby Zumba Dance Class in Singapore, but I need to “apply leave” to go, wonder if Daddy will allow me… Continue Reading →

Motherhood: Breast pump & flanges

*This post may gets too “personal” and interest to no one except first time mum like me. Continue at your own risk* Few months ago I got my first breast pump set – Spectra 9+ from, and it comes… Continue Reading →

My motherhood journey BFF – MAGNOLIA

It’s 12 midnight and I am … unfortunately, not running away from the prince to start my Cinderella story, but eh… drinking MAGNOLIA Lo-Fat Hi-Cal Oat Milk. If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I have promoted… Continue Reading →

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