Lash Extension with Layla Lash Lip Brow @ Far East Plaza

Recently, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first lash extension with Layla Lash Lip Brow @ Far East Plaza.

My lash extension experience

As someone who has always wanted to enhance the appearance of my eyes, I was quite nervous before the service, not knowing what to expect. However, the manager, Kelly, immediately put me at ease by taking the time to observe my facial features and confirming my usual makeup routine before providing me with her recommendation.

Given my droopy eyes, Kelly suggested a natural lash extension, which I am grateful for. Throughout the one-hour session, I was able to relax on the beauty bed while Kelly worked her magic on my lashes. Her attention to detail and gentle approach allowed me to even take a brief nap during the process.

Upon completion of the service, Kelly provided me with thorough aftercare instructions and reminded me to refrain from washing my lashes for the next 24 hours, if possible.

I’m delighted with the outcome of my new lashes, which add a subtle brightness to my eyes without appearing overly dramatic. Mr Ong even jokingly compared me to our wedding day, noting the similarity in my long eyelashes. Unlike that occasion, however, we no longer had to frantically search for makeup remover in the middle of the night to remove my fake lashes.

Overall, I was highly impressed with the quality of service at Layla Lash Lip Brow, and I would not hesitate to return for future lash extension services.

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