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Happy 57th National Day, Singapore!

Happy 57th National Day, Singapore!

It’s been a while since we last saw fireworks physically.

I did not feel the National Day vibes this year before I saw the fireworks. Life is sort of back to normal, but not in the positive vibes I wish to. More people on the road, sardine-packed buses which I need to fight my way in or risk a long >10 minutes wait. Work is a mad rush as things suddenly ‘work out’. I’m a bit upset that I no longer have my ‘work-life balance’ which I only need to work during office hours.

But I’m glad that we had survived to date. And look forward to a stronger me as years go by.

As for Kpo Kia, she was so happy to see the fireworks again. She proudly show-off for not covering her ears from the loud sound made by the fireworks. She had been bugging the dad to hang up the Singapore flag, and is happily singing the Singapore national day songs.

Once again. Happy 57th National Day, Singapore!


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