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Happy Birthday To Me~

I’m officially 43 years old today!

I may not be much wiser, but definitely wiser than the previous me. Glad that I am learning something new every day.

And I am blessed to be happy (despite all the complaints from me) and healthy.

I am thankful for every day. Kpo Kia was quite happy these few days, probably thanks to her anticipation of celebrations and feasts ahead. Yesterday she hugged me and say thank you for giving birth to her. Actually, I am thankful to my mother for the same reason.

Some lifestyle changes I want to do from today onwards. Less eating/drinking of sinful stuff, and more walking. Self-care remains an important goal I am working on this year, and probably more discipline will do me good.

Need to:

  • Sleep earlier before 1.30am daily
  • Wake up earlier before 7.45am during working days, and probably 9am during non-working days
  • Drink lesser
  • Follow my daily skincare (unfortunately, I am not longer in my 20s~ condition)
  • Maintain my dental care
  • Maintain and subsequently reduced my weight, please, no heavier than current 62Kg
  • Lesser social media and more hobby building. At least 50% should be ‘educational’ posts I can learn from, and 30% to catch up with my friends and family

Need to start setting up my bujo this weekend again and keep my life in check. Can I do it? Probably. Likely to fail? High chance. But not even giving it a thought and avoiding it is something I cannot tolerate. Reminder to self, not staying in my comfort zone is always the most comforting action for me.



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