Phase 3.4 HA Day 1

2021-07-19 – Monday

My laptop died on Friday so I went back office in the morning to have it check out. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to fix on the spot and need to wait till the public holiday is over.

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Indomie with cheese
    I ran out of ideas for lunch, such that I am not even interested in packing before I head home. Since I will be having a meeting after lunchtime I just anyhow cook instant mee to curb my hunger.
  • Dinner: Luncheon Meat and Chinese sausage fried rice
    Since I am too hungry, I decided not to share dinner with Kpo Kia. This means I can order the food to my preference rather than hers. But the luncheon meat is too little.

Today is a sad day:

  • The covid cases had gone up to over 180 cases and the government announced a stricter Phase 3 heighten alert. This means we have a high risk of going back to the Circuit breaker if this continues on.
  •  There is a murder case in River Valley High School. The victim is a 13 years old young boy, and the person who committed the crime is a 16 years old boy. The weapon is an axe. This makes me more determined to control the type of programmes Kpo Kia will be watching in the future. I feel that one of the reasons why there are increasing cases of murder and violence is due to the overly early exposure of violence show to the kids. Apparently the 16years old seems to have depression and it could be the reason which drives him to this situation.

Outstanding tasks for July 2021:

  • Organising of 2021 photos


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