Phase 3.2 HA Day 8: Happy Birthday to Kpo Kia Papa!

2021-06-28 – Monday!

It’s Kpo Kia Papa Birthday! Happy Birthday my love!

We have a simple celebration starting from noon. Went to have some Italian food as this is one of his favourite (when we started par tor lah! Now…. maybe he changed, but I won’t know, LOL!).

We then went to Safar Punggol to stroll and chat on some daily matters. And we had 2 games of bowling! According to Kpo Kia papa, this is the second time we bowled together. Although I don’t remember when is the first time, we had some fun!~ By the end of 2 games, my hands are aching. Opps… need to practice~

Early evening, we brought Kpo Kia home to do a quick clean-up and went over to East Coast Park for a short stroll (again!). We then proceed to Long Beach Seafood for our dinner. I had proposed to have Seasood for our dinner as Kpo Kia and Kpo Kia papa LOVE crab. Since Kpo Kia papa wanted to dine in for the optimal taste, we just go according to his wish~

The servers laugh at us because the first question to Kpo Kia after knowing where we can be seated is : “You want to sit with daddy or mummy?” Although this is a birthday celebration, it sounds like we are separating. LOL. Thanks Singapore gahman for the “same household also need to sit in 2” Covid 19 Phase 3HA measure.

So I get to enjoy my me time since it’s weird for the birthday boy to sit alone, and impossible for 6 years old to sit by herself. Glad that I get all the attention since the servers need to serve my dishes on small individual plates. I was joking to Kpo Kia that I get better treatment even though he is the birthday boy. As he needs to serve Kpo Kia, but I was served by the servers.

After dinner, we went for another stroll as we are too full. Initially we wanted to go home and rest but…

WAIT! Where is the birthday cake?!

We then detour to McCafe to get a cake (can’t think of where can we get a slice of cake at this late hour), and sang him a birthday song to end the celebration.

Happy Birthday, my man! Thank you for being here by my side. May we be able to celebrate each other’s birthday till death do us apart. 😛

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