Phase 3.2 HA Day 2

2021-06-22 – Tuesday!

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Kimchi Cauliflower rice with chicken nuggets
    Decided to clear all the expired/expiring food at home, so this is my lunch~ Meals without Kpo Kia papa are either very creative, or pathetic. Which one do you think this falls under?
  • Dinner: Yoshinoya Ramen
    Can someone reminds me that I should get rice from Yoshinoya next time? But wolved it up since I was hungry. Hahaha. We dined in the restaurant so we need to split tables. Kpo Kia decided to sit with Kpo Kia papa so I get a bit of ‘me time’. This is the new ‘norm’. We can only dine-in in ‘groups of 2’, even if we are from the same household. Even if the kids are very young and support is appreciated. This is the time when I feel grateful that I only have 1 kid.

    My dinner. Managed to have some me-time since I was eating ‘alone’ in a table.

‘Real food’

Thought for a while and decided to invest in food if I really want good health for the Kpo family. So I ordered the vegetables direct from the ‘farmer’ introduced by MY.

Some real food to cook for the next few days. But hor… the vegetables that came to me don’t seem to be the exact vegetables I ordered. Did I miss out on something?

Outstanding tasks for this week:

  • SM backlog posts
  • Organising of 2021 photos



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