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《情锁南洋》 Memoirs of Nanyang



地点:Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium
票价:S$28 – S$38

Following the thoughts and emotions of the two generations, an immigrant came to Nanyang for a better life and married a local Malay woman. Since then, his business flourished and he had a comfortable and happy family. In spite of his success, his heart still thinks about his family in his hometown day and night, wanting to reunite with them. Realizing it may be impossible, he is deeply saddened and unable to accept the reality.

To make him happy, his grandchildren discussed how to combine two polar genres: Nanyin and today’s music. This interesting and bold attempt at fusing Nanyin with different music genres such as Malay music and Pop, helped them to create a new style of song that showcases multiculturalism and their strong spirit. This spectacle portrays the happiness of a family after the reunion, leading a blessed and fulfilled life together.

Memoirs of Nanyang is a Siong Leng Musical Association’s production commissioned by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

The performance highlights the bold fusion of Nanyin and Peranakan culture, as well as Siong Leng Musical Association’s courageous spirit to innovate and explore new horizons for their art form. Experience a unique harmonisation of Nanyin, Malay cultural music and Mandarin pop, with the deep elegance of Nanyin and the boundless artistic ambit of music.

Date & Time: 25 May 2019, Saturday, 2.30pm – 3.30pm
Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) Far East Organization Auditorium, Level 9
Ticket Prices: $28, $38
Tickets available from SISTIC: SISTIC

Cultural Extravaganza 2019 runs from 24th May to 15th June 2019 at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. For full programme and details, visit their website here.

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  1. That’s such a lovely cultural performance! We need more of these

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