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And so I am on my short break.

From work.

Is on a trial HDB tai tai life… this is how my short break passed by

Day 1:

  • Send Kpo Kia to school
  • Went to MRT station had an unexpected expensive breakfast
  • Emo because of wrong choice of breakfast
  • Gym for a short while, but the trainer keep feeding his/her Pokemon and decided that I can do more with the time then fighting for the game coins
  • Raid at nearby gym… was told by Kpo Kia papa that there’s not much trainer during office hour in the neighbourhood, but still saw quite a few of them @_@
  • Went back home to nap
  • Wake up to clean the house a bit
  • Fetch Kpo Kia

Day 2:

  • Attend launch of Varilux(R) X Series™ from Essilor
  • Roam around aimlessly to find raid
  • Raid on my way home
  • Do housework
  • Fetch Kpo Kia

Day 3

  • Nap till noon
  • Took breakfast and lunch (together?!)
  • Wash my dirty bags
  • Chase k-drama
  • Iron the mountain piles of clothings
  • Clean up the house a bit
  • Fetch Kpo Kia

Day 4

  • Wake up to send Kpo Kia to school with Kpo Kia Papa
  • Breakfast & gym session with Kpo Kia Papa
  • Grocery shopping with Kpo Kia Papa
  • Chase k-drama

One realization I have is… “on leave” is actually more tiring than work.
I have always thought myself to be a slacker and perseverance is not something I can ever achieve, but I surprised myself these few months.

I guess I am having midlife crisis now

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