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Social Media Influencer VS Luxury hotel

And so today after I wake up, a topic immediately caught my attention – Luxury hotel banning social media influencers. It’s shared across quite a few facebook posts on my feed and over my whatsapp groups.

As kpo as me (yes, Kpo Kia inherited my Kpo genes unfortunately!), I quickly read up the few related facebook posts, watched the youtube videos, and even read the blog of the owner of The White Moose Café.

The story started off with a UK-based social media influencer, Elle Darby, wanting to travel to Dublin and thus send out an email to a few hotels and ask if they are interested in a “possible collaboration.”

Drama happened when one of the hotels’ owner – Stenson decide to respond to Darby’s request on their facebook page publicly.

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This post then upset Darby, which she decided to defense herself with this video:

The way she presented herself in the video really … lol… feel she over-glorified her status on how she can ‘inspired’ the younger generations to pursued their dreams. She sounds impractical and obviously need to know more about the outside world. Make me feel so….

Back to topic…

Stenson then declare openly that the hotel will banner all bloggers (in my opinion, is a bit over, because not all bloggers request for ‘collaborations’ with hotel for free stay with just a video or sort) after they received quite a backslash.

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Lesson learnt?
Do your own research when you are ‘running a business’! Obviously:

  • Stenson is a big anti-social influencer business operator (assumption based on his youtube video
  • Stenson is better at “gaining publicity” than Darby – he certainly couldn’t care less about her “service” on how she can bring more traffic to his hotel in exchange for a 5-days stay.
    Don’t offer something to people who don’t need – offering a cup of plain water to someone in desert vs to someone who live beside a river definitely get different response. 

So whose the loser here?


Simple scan through the profile of the two actors – Elle Darby and the White Moose Café facebook had gained quite a lot of followers in these few days. I have never heard of either party in the past, but since the news came out, I actually wasted 17 minutes of my not-so-young youth (remember, I am a 30 plus, though turning 40s in a few months time) to watch Darby’s whining over those who don’t accept her way of living, and spend another couple more minutes to read though Stenson’s blog who F the whole world for everything (he basically remind me of another Singapore-based blogger), and even put my thought in this blog. LOL!

Yah. In actual fact, both are big winners!

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