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Food Review : Mille.a.Ville Easter Themed Macaron Set

Thanks to Mapwerkz and Mille.a.Ville, I am one of the lucky blogger who get to win a set of Easter Themed Macaron to review~

*Happy* Collecting my Mille.a.Ville Easter Themed Macaron Set at Fullhouse Signature Singapore.
Thanks Elgena from Mapwerkz!


Cute little Happy Easter note


 ♥ Love my  Easter Themed Macaron set! Can you spot the poor rabbit which I accidentally injured? 

Don’t you love the Kawaii (cute) Macarons!!! I used to be a suxker (opps! pandon for my language!) for adorable things, and food… been refraining myself from getting more cuties after realising I have too little space to put my things in my room and too little room in my clothings for me to expand any further. 🙁

Macarons are delicate French sandwich cookies made entirely of ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar. Understand it’s one of the most difficult confections to make, and it is one of the item under my ‘to-try list’ after I got my own house.


Like the fact that there is no air bubbles within it and the cookie shells stick perfectly to the cookie itself. The filling is nicely proportion despite the small size of the macarons. While Mum find it too sweet, Sis and I think it’s within the acceptable range, we had tried much sweeter macarons. Of course, understanding that more and more people are health conscious these days, I wonder if their customisation allows us to choose the sweetness level? (Wild thoughts running again!)

About Mille.a.Ville
Mille.a.Ville is a Singapore based company specialize in customizations of macarons, macaron pops and macaron towers for events, weddings, parties, caterings and gifts.

Image credit: Mille.a.Ville Facebook Page
Image credit: Mille.a.Ville Facebook Page

As these handcrafted macarons do not have preservatives, consumers are recommended to consumed the macarons as soon as possible (yay! I have excuse to finished them up immediately!), not keeping it for more than 3 days.

Find out more about Mille.a.Ville on:
For enquiries and customization, you can email them at

Note that Mille.a.Ville will be participating in the Mega Flea 11 at Suntec City Convention Hall 406 on 5th-6th July 2014. I am looking forward to drop by the booth for more cute and yummy macarons~~!

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