Hello~ My new domain!

Hello dear readers!
Do not be surprise when you typed in “” and saw you are send to “” instead. I have just bought myself a new domain. 🙂

The following content will be slightly more technical, hope you will not doze off while reading?

Why new blog address?
Are you aware that for some countries, when you type in a blog for blogger, it will be redirect to a country specific URL? Take my blog for example, when I key in “” in Singapore, the URL address will become “”, however, in New Zealand, the URL becomes “”! (You can read more on:

While this is not a major problem, I thought it affects the search engine optimization of my blog (not as if I have loads of readers globally T__T, ok, let me just admit I am fussy!).
We can easily solve the problem by placing “/ncr/” (ncr stands for “no country specific”) just after the country-specific domain to prevent blogger from redirecting our blog – if I keyed in as my blog URL address from New Zealand, it will not display as “” anymore!
Well, of course since I have my own domain, I might as well set up a subdomain for my blog…

What if you do not have your own custom domain?
If you
1. do not have your own custom domain, and
2. do not want Blogger to change your blog URL address, and
3. want to make your readers’ life easier?

You can do the following instead:
1. Go to the Blogger Dashboard and choose Template.
2. Click on the “Edit HTML” button.

3. Find the <head> tag, and paste the following code into the template.
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var blog = document.location.hostname;
var slug = document.location.pathname;
var ctld = blog.substr(blog.lastIndexOf(“.”));
if (ctld != “.com”) {
var ncr = “http://” + blog.substr(0, blog.indexOf(“.”));
ncr += “” + slug;
(Script extracted from:

4. Click the “Save Template” button
TADA~ now your Blogger Blog will always be with the redirect to the blog URL address ending with “”.
Of course, if you prefer readers to be always view the page on a specific country site, change the script accordingly, e.g., if you are from Singapore and prefer users to always find you on ““, change the script from:
ncr += “” + slug;
ncr += “” + slug;

Hope you understand all well. 🙂

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  1. lol i didn't realise will redirect to the resident country, though I did notice I was being redirected to haha.. thanks for pointing out =D

  2. Let me update your blog link to this new address. Better analytics (I guess) lol

  3. Haha, Thanks! 🙂

  4. I also didn't realised it till I came to New Zealand. I always thought it is redirected according to the country we set in our setting 😛

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