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Ignorance is blessing 初生之犊不畏虎

Ignorance is blessing.
When I told friends that I did not dare to bring my beloved camera (GF2) around in Auckland (New Zealand), but they knew I been bring it around when I was in Siam Reap (Cambodia), most of them were very surprise. Why? Logically, Siam Reap should be less safer compared to Auckland!
I replied “Because no one told me that I can get rob easily for $50 when I went to Cambodia.”
Because of my ignorance, I am fearless.
Moreover, knowing Cambodia is a “poorer and more backward” country, I tend to be more alert where ever I went… so ironic, right?

p/s: Actually after my Cambodia trip in March 2012, I do not think they are “poorer” than most of us, because the people are so much happier and more easily contented than most of us 🙂 Will try to blog about it one day 😛

瞎子不怕枪 ,初生之犊不畏虎。

P / S:其实经过我去年的柬埔寨之旅后,我再也不认为他们比我们“穷苦” 🙂 比起我们,知足快乐的他们比我们“富裕”得多。

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