Learning New Zealand

Had my first McDonald Meal in Auckland. Somehow I miss the cheap McDonald breakfast in Los Angeles.

Hotcake meal – 3 hotcakes and a coffee cost $6NZD


Sport what is different between the hotcake meal for Singapore and New Zealand?

J wants to bring me for a stroll while waiting for A, and then it rains again… =.=”
This time, it started raining hailstone~!

Can you see the small hailstones? They melted off in less than a minute time~

It reminds me of the Indian lady reported by the Channel New Asia. While raining hailstones seems to be a “once in a blue moon” occasion, it’s seem quite common in Auckland, or at least when I am around. J told me that the night before, it already had a hailstorm, apparently I was too busy snoring then. 😛

Guess what? Everytime I stepped out from shelter, it rained!

Anyway, I got a culture shock when I was told that one need to make an appointment just to open a bank account @_@
I sort of miss the days when I stepped into a Singapore bank, tell the person I want to open a bank account, and will be ushered to the counter at one corner to be serve. At times we can even complained that it took ages to wait to be served. Anyway, yah, if you stepped into a New Zealand and realised that it is pretty empty, don’t be happy too soon, it might just means you need to be served another day, but it also means you do not need to wait for ages 🙂

I guess, everyday is learning day.

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  1. "this raining got icecube, i go and see is true"

  2. Haha. Record your own version!

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