Random: What’s up getting a OTG(On-The-Go) cable?

Was with G at PC Show 2013 looking for a reliable power bank for my next journey.

G decided to get a micro-USB OTG(On-The-Go) cable after hearing his friend sharing that this will enable his mobile to connect to other USB device (keyboard/mouse) to his mobile.

I suddenly remember an article which fellow photographer hobbyist had shared about “directly retrieve photo from camera to external storage” using “some cables” thus decided to get the cable to try…

Mini Danbo: What’s cf trying to do?
Papa Danbo: She’s testing out the OTG cable.. using a mouse to type an email on her mobile =.=”

After reaching home, did a simple search and dig up the article:


List of items required to backup my photos from my camera to external harddisk without  a computer/laptop

Yes, aboves are the list of items I need to do the set up – not “some cables” but a OTG cable and a USB to Mini-USB Y cable, not “directly retrieve photo from camera to external storage” but is backup files from a SD/CF card to a external harddisk through an Android table.

Was eager to try out the set up when I realised I do not have the USB to mini-USB Y cable…
Let’s wait till I get get one and try it out, after that I will share with you if this is working for me? ^_^

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