穷旅者之行:胜淘沙巴拉湾海滩半日游 Poor Traveller: Sentosa Palawan Beach half day tour

“Today, let’s pretend we are tourist and just explore Sentosa like we never came here before!” – So this is what he told me~ And this is how we behave for the next half day 🙂
We are bored of being bored by doing the same things everytime we go out – go to eat, shop, movie.
Anyway we did lost our way, like a tourist, after all. And as the title of this post suggest, we shall use the minimum money to get the most of out our short few hours tour. 🙂

“今天我们就假装我们是旅客吧!” 既然他这么说,我们也就这么做。。。接下来的半天,我们真的把自己当旅客了!:)


Must eat full full then have energy to walk later, had lunch at  C-Jade Hong Kong Cafe @ Bugis+


A photo I thought look ‘artistic’ myself. =.=”

After lunch we took bus 61 over to VivoCity from Bugis, grab some mineral drinks from Giant Super mart and bread from Provence (budget!) and head toward Sentosa.
午餐过后,我们就从武吉士搭61号巴士前往怡丰城了;在Giant 超市买了点水,在Provence买了几个面包。。。胜淘沙,我们来了!


Sweep panorama view from Vivo before we start the Sentosa Boardwalk.


Sunglasses have more then one usage actually…


Demon power!
The wind just spoilt what I visualized to be a very cool pic…


LOL. We really bought the entry ticket like a tourist at the ticket booth with cash!

Anyway, some good to know information if you are traveling to/fro Sentosa by the boardwalk:
– Sentosa Boardwalk: 24 hours, daily
– Ticketing Booths: 9am – 6pm, daily
SGD$1 per entry per person (You can actually use your EZ-Link card for payment at the end of the boardwalk/entrance of Sentosa without queue for ticket at the ticket booth)
– 圣淘沙浮桥开放时间:每日24小时
– 售票亭开放时间:每天上午9点至下午6点

If you are entering Sentosa by the The Sentosa Express, you can take the ride from VivoCity (Lobby L, Level 3), SGD$4 per entry per person (Adult and Child aged 3 and above).
如果你打算使用乘搭圣淘沙捷运往返圣淘沙,可以从怡丰城L大堂,3楼,乘搭圣淘沙捷运,入门费每人新币 $4(3岁儿童及以上需付)。

By the way I want to whine a bit, the price up 2 x from $3 to $3.50 and then $4 within 3 years time @_@

In Sentosa
Once you reached the other end of the boardwalk, you will be able to see the Sentosa Visitor Centre right in front. It’s opening 9am – 8pm daily. You can go inside to check for information on navigating around the island (and like us, enjoy the cooling aircon while pretending to be looking at the map for direction).


G keep telling me he want to go Tanjong Beach, so we took the monorail to Beach station to take a Beach Tram over as I swear you will see us get evaporated into the air if we travel by foot on this sunny day.
我们决定搭单轨列车到海滩站,转搭海滩电车到我们的目的地 – 丹戎海滩。

Note that there are actually Trams traveling to 2 opposite directions, one toward Tanjong Beach & Palawan Beach (you need to cross the small road to cross over to take the tram), and the other to Siloso Beach. We waited at the wrong direction and missed the first Tram, after which we waited for like 12-15minutes for the next one.

Uncle photo bomb me so I just add filter to the photo to match his age :X
Anyway G is sotong king! The beach with ‘two towers’ is Palawan beach and not Tanjong Beach,
luckily we got down from the tram in the correct beach.
G 真是糊涂蛋!有“双子塔”的海滩,是巴拉望岛海滩而不是丹戎海滩,幸好我们“认塔不认滩”。


G acting cool.
This tree soon become a hotspot after people see him posing there to take photo… =.=”


Danbo also want to cross the bridge


Couple playing in water under the sun, so sweet…


Something flying above us, is it a giant mosquito?!
Nah, is a helicopter preparing for National Day 🙂
巨蚊从天而过?当然不是,是在为国庆日彩排的直升机啦! 🙂

We got up to one of the towers, and are supposed to be at the “Southernmost Point of Continental Asia” (and also Asia’s closest point to the Equator?).

Another sweep panorama view of the beach take from one of the tower


How come the bridge look so empty now but filled with people whenever  I want to cross it?

After admiring the view for a while we decided to walk back to Beach Station while hoping to catch some places of interest with free admission fee…

Too hot, Danbo need shades


There still a long route ahead to walk back to the Beach Station

Guess what, there are free show~~ Opps, to be clearer… we passed by the Palawan Amphitheatre where we can watch performance of monkeys, reptiles and parrots for FREE!
Palawan Amphitheatre is open daily, with shows run from 2.00pm till 5.30pm.



Daily Programmes (每日表演时间表
2.00pm – 2.15pm Lory Feeding at the Bird Aviary (Live commentary on Lories at Bird Aviary)
3.00pm – 3.30pm Teach us Wild (A close encounter with animals at Port of Lost Wonder)
4.00pm – 4.15pm Animal Friends of Sentosa (A close encounter learning and photo-opportunity)
5.00pm – 5.30pm On the Wild Side (Multi-animal Encounters at Palawan Amphitheatre)

We were late so we didn’t get to watch the performance.

Sleep mode(above) and awake mode (below)

Once we reached the Beach Station, we hide inside McDonald’s for a super COLD drink and free aircon. 😛
After which we decided to walk back to VivoCity by the boardwalk to burn off some fats.
一到海滩站,我们便躲进麦当劳享受冷饮和冷气~ 休息够了,决定漫步回去怡丰城。

Woof woof~
Nice night scenery! Can you spot the moon?

We are too lazy to explore the whole island in the short time frame, but I sort of like this rest and relax touring style.
You can also try the following activities:

  • Swimming
  • Picnic
  • Suntan
  • Building sand castle
  • Ride Bicycle
  • Playing beach ball

My only regret for the day… not bringing insect repellent along as I got a lot of love bites from mosquitoes and ants T__T

其实如果你不像我们这么懒, 也可以试试:

  • 游泳
  • 野餐
  • 日光浴
  • 玩沙
  • 骑脚车
  • 玩沙滩排球


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  1. Hopefully we can visit this when we go to Singapore this year! 🙂 @sixsunshines (Gain exposure to your blog 3!)

  2. Do come over! Currently there is the haze thing going on though. Perhaps Sept or October will be good 🙂

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