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五月工艺 之 福来军 May is crafty month: Soft toy Postcard

Work in progressing 🙂
Guess what am I making?

Hint: This is definitely not part of a bikini 😛

[Updated on 9th May]
Actually I was making a mini soft toy out of the postcard I got from Taiwan last September. Taiwan have a lot of crafts and they are cute!!!

When I first see this one, I find it cute and decide to get it for someone *wink*

This is how the postcard looks when I bought it


Front view of Mr Fly


Back view of Mr Fly

It can be done better without the weird white border, but I have a clumsy fingers so I decided to play safe. I’m pretty sure if Sze or JL is the one making it they will produce a much better output 😛

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  1. cupcake?

  2. No wor… non food related :p
    Will show the whole picture tomorrow evening :p

  3. Can't wait for evening~

  4. Updated! 😛

  5. lol it's a Mr Fly. And the "cupcakes" are his eyes~
    hmm.. and.. i haven't 3D-ize the elephant you gave =X

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