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Ponder Time: Are we too busy?

Got to learn about this Photographer through sis: Jenny Sun. Like her wedding photographers.

Sometimes I feel more tired when I was oversea traveling than in Singapore. I always asked myself, did I go oversea to have a break from my work life, or am I just going out to get myself more tired so I will appreciate my work?

Usually, in oversea, I tend to need to wake up earlier than my normal weekdays and sleep much later than my normal sleeping time. I believe this is not uncommon as a lot of people always have the mentality – I will not be able to come back so often/I might not even come back anymore, so after spending the bomb of money on the trip, and with limited time in this foreign land, I should fully utilize every minute and every second to view or try something I do not get to do in my country.

Now I feel less guilty when I was doing nothing. I am glad that no one can blame me anymore for spacing out 😛

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