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Happy Time:《她门》


日期:2013年3月22日 – 4月6日
票价(不包括$3 SISTIC服务费): $56, $46, $36
地点:Drama Centre Theatre,National Library 3rd Floor, 100 Victoria Street S188064
票务:SISTIC/(65)6348 5555
询问:(65)6337 2525


有好戏,当然不会忘记好戏的老姐。。。 还记得上一次观赏实践剧场的演出,是《爱情观自在》(天啊!那时是N年前的往事!),也是和老姐一起观看。。。


最爱看的剧幕:换一个灯泡需要几个女人?和 iPad

剧里的对白,轻松惹笑,却又带几分睿智,引人深思。 诉说女人的无奈。。。




TheTheaterPractice’s latest drama – “The Bride Always Knock Twice” is here!
The story is about 8 women from different generations and background, disappeared from the world they originated from, and gathered in a mystery place. The Artistic Director – Ms. Kuo Jian Hong, is presenting the light-hearted comedy in an easily comprehensible approach, to be hugely accessible to the audience.

A door that’s never locked.
A mysterious location.
Occupied by women from different generations and backgrounds – and their secrets.
A runaway bride abruptly invades this space, kicking off a series of suspenseful moments, frolic, disputes and warmth.

Don’t you envy me? I won the pair of tickets to the performance through omy.sg! I still remembered the last time I watch a drama, which is also performed by the TheTheaterPractice’s with sister – how time flies!

Only a woman at her wits’ end will be able to see the door. Behind the door is a world without day or night. There is a story behind every woman who is hiding behind the door, but nobody will judge them, neither do they have the rights to do so. After awhile, as the woman get used to living in this space, no one will have the courage, or reason to leave here anymore…

Especially love the scenes: How many women does it take to change a light bulb and iPad.

Love the witty dialogue in the performance, can’t help but feeling that they’re so full of wisdom and thought-provoking even though I can’t stop laughing.
Woman’s life… *sigh* 🙁

This is a multi-lingual performance with English and Chinese subtitles.

Facebook: 实践剧场 thetheatrepractice

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