Change a slightly different route to work… and I saw it on my way. The distinct black and white, it looks like a little cow 😛
I was busy trying to take photo of it and it seems to sense me and turn over and walk towards me… it start to stick to me and “sayang me”, come close to my leg and “cuddle” me with its body.

Somehow I feel that it is trying to find comfort from me, and at the same time, giving me great comfort.


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  1. How sweet and warm. This is one of my favorite things about cats. They are always seeking affection from us because it makes them happy and content, but by giving them affecting it also makes us happy and content. A sweet cycle.

  2. Yah! I think cats sometimes think like human, and they usually mirrored our behavior; if we treat them bad, they will attack or ignored us, if we treat them nice, they will come close to us 🙂

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