Healthy Time: BRAND’S® High Tea & Workshop on Immunity
by CF Chai on

Random: CF = ??
by CF Chai on

王俪婷(Olivia Ong) - 愛夠了
by CF Chai on

Music Matters 2013: J-Rock Matters Media Conference
by CF Chai on

Travel Tips: How to Pack Cables and Chargers
by CF Chai on

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Being a mummy changed my life and perspective a lot. At times, I will do silly things like looking from the same angle as my Kpo Kia and take a photo of it - wondering how a plain simple view with nothing much can keep her well entertained. Recently Kpo Kia is more aware of her environment, she is more curious of everything around her. As a mother, a lot of times I learn from my kid, and now, this blog will document everything that interests me, like how everything can interest my dear Kpo Kia.

You can contact me on chokfern[at]gmail[dot]com for media preview / invites, product/services review, advertorials, sponsorships, photography or other collaborations.

My priority have changed a bit with the little princess joining my family, you can read more on my thoughts and life on: