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Conversation with Child – Angel and Devil

Kpo Kia: I’m not sure if I want to get married when I grow up. If I don’t marry I will be lonely, but I don’t want to get married because giving birth is so painful.
Mama: Not every married couple needs to give birth ah. This one you can talk to your future husband. And when you are pregnant you can bear with pain better, maybe you will poo out your baby like me leh?

*silence for a while*

Kpo Kia: I think I want to give birth to a girl next time. My friend says a boy is a devil, a girl is an angel.
Mama: You cannot control if your baby is a boy or girl, and not all boys are devils, not all girls are angels.
Kpo Kia: But my friend say so, really!
Mama: So are you an angel to mummy?
Kpo Kia: *think hard, smile sheepishly* I am a dark angel.


p/s: This can be found in my facebook page but I decided to capture these precious memories with Kpo Kia here so I will not lost them.

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