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My second COVID-19 experience log 第二次新冠确诊备忘录 (Part 1)

Had been hearing a lot of stories about people getting COVID for their second or even third times. So I had been quite paranoid and yet still… Guess something is unavoidable when Singapore opens up and people need commute in crowded public transport again. So exactly 7 months after my first COVID diagnosis, I got infected again.

12 October 2022 . Day 1 . 第一天

I had been feeling unwell since the weekend before. I thought the bodyache comes from carrying heavy camera kit on Children day, or maybe due to the 落枕. And thought the soar throat and running nose may comes from the indulge of chocolate and fried food over the past few days… To be safe, I also did ART on Sunday and Tuesday (can’t do it daily since gahman don’t give free kits anymore~)

I thought I’m safe. Never will I expect that I will be tested positive when I visited the company doctor to get some ‘cheap’ medicine.

I feel bad for coming back to office. I quickly got the MC, clean up my dirty cups, pack my office laptop and got home.

I cannot decide if I should cook and “contaminate” the kitchen, or order takeaway. Take away will be more expensive then normal since they will charge extra charges for small orders. Suddenly, I feel all my strength drained away from me, and I just lie on bed for the rest of the day.

Kpo Kia was pretty “excited” to know I got COVID again, and happy that she was negative. Then she started happily packed her stuff when I told her we will exchange room for next few days. Perhaps for the first time in her life, she got total freedom. Since I cannot hover around her to nag her, she is left to do whatever she likes. Interestingly, she was more cooperative when I asked her to brush her teeth… guess she got too bored of her peaceful life.

13 October 2022 . Day 2 . 第二天

I work up by the morning alarm clock and attempted to wake up her for school. Ater a few failed attempts, I decided to go back to sleep. I then woke up before 10am again, thinking I need to make a work call. It didn’t happen though as my business user was busy and cancelled the call. So I get to enjoy the rest of the day doing nothing, but sleep, and play games, and watch K-drama.

I was reminded how COVID positive “turned my life”, as I get to sleep earlier, eat lesser, and think for myself more. I think this is one of the sickness that force us to “practice healthier lifestyle”. In my heart, I actually secretly hope that we can go back to the “semi lockdown” stage where WFH is default, and we do not need to turn into sardine when commuting to and fro work.

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