Phase 3.2 HA Day 4

2021-06-24 – Thursday!

Today meal:

  • Lunch: Instant mee + expired kimchi + Dark chocolate milk
    As usual, when I dine alone, minimal. Lazy. Too lazy. Lunchtime is the precious time I can use to prepare dinner food.
  • Dinner: Bak Kut Teh + Air fried Nuggets + Stir fried Sweet potatoes leaves
    Was frustrated as Kpo Kia wanted to play games even when dinner is ready, and the dad just let her be. So ended up everything become so cold… Maybe I should start cooking bento menu for dinner, so we can have take the food cold. And since individually pack, we can eat at our own pace.

New family pet

We have a new family pet today. Found it when I was washing the ‘organic vegetables’. Happened that the weirdos had been talking about caterpillars for the past few days and I saw one! Kpo Kia wasn’t that interested in it though. LOL. Because when we show Kpo Kia, the caterpillar was not moving much. At some point in time, we thought it’s dead.

Guess what? It started to become so active after 10pm! OMG, there must be something in my house that groom night owls, even the caterpillar becomes like that!

By the way, does anyone knows if the black stuff is it’s poo poo?

By the way again, does anyone knows if this will grow into a butterfly or moth?

Outstanding tasks for this week:

  • SM backlog posts
  • Organising of 2021 photos



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