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Time flies…

Looks what I found?!!How time flies… one moment I was excitingly collecting the SG25 telephone card, the other moment I am waiting to collect the SG50 baby hampers… wuahahah!~ Will I get to witness SG75?

Pregnancy Journal: Time to “slim” down

Panic attack when I know that Kirimi is now 710gm. She has exceeded the recommended maximum weight by 110gm!!It’s a no-brainer to know that the mummy has obviously been eating a lot and also gained too much weight herself. She… Continue Reading →


I have promised myself not to get emo but sometimes… sometimes it’s just too tough…I guess there are a lot of things we shouldn’t say out no matter how truthful we wish to be toward others.I guess there are a… Continue Reading →

So fast… we are going to say bye bye to 2014

Time to get a new make over for my blog, it’s been such a busy and fulfilling year I didn’t even realised we are just few days away from 2015.

Feeling of the day… Morbid

It’s funny but today…. I feel… Image credit: Smashing Magazine

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