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Movie Time: King Of Mahjong 麻雀王

Mahjong is a favourite hobby for a lot of Chinese, including my dad. 😛
Remembered when Sis and I went to Hong Kong, there are a lot of mahjong center near our hotel, and outside the center have a big signboard that states the benefits of mahjong – this includes:

  1. Helps one to use attention, memory, planning and calculation skills, in turn to serve as alternative treatment for dementia.
  2. Helps to keep one’s mind sharp, by exercising it through react to situations and make decisions faster.
  3. Provides a social outlet, especially for senior citizens.

Of course, it’s also a double edge sword when someone gets addicted to it, and even go down to cheaping…

I am one who is against Gambling (guess I’m just too kiasu to lost), but I do enjoy gambling show, especially with some great actors and actresses…

Movie synopsis 电影大纲

“King of Mahjong” centers on the decade-long feud and eventual reunion of Wong Tin Ba (Mark Lee) and Ah Fatt (Chapman To), two top disciples of the legendary mahjong maestro, Master Ru.

20 years later, Wong Tin Ba, who is now a world-acclaimed mahjong champion and magnate, shows up in Ipoh to challenge Fatt to a final showdown – The World Mahjong Championship. Despite Wong’s insistence, Fatt declines to join the competition as he is determined and contented to lead the life of a commoner.

In a bid to force Fatt into the showdown, Wong abducts Fatt’s wife, Ramona (Michelle Ye), and threatens her to be on his alliance. Fatt has no choice but to join the championship as Wong holds his wife hostage. On the mahjong table, Fatt and Wong compete as the finalists; Master Ru’s secret legendary mahjong move and the truth comes to light as the winner emerges…

阿發(杜汶澤) 和阿順(李國煌) 都是麻將天尊儒五常的徒弟。阿發在怡保老街角落一間殘舊咖啡店賣釀豆腐,這間小店生意不算很好,但也過得去,最主要是這裡有一群幾十年的老顧客,因此生意無憂。阿發的妻子雷夢娜(葉璇) 多年前已經出走,丟下他獨自撫養女兒四喜,如今四喜已是個花樣年華的少女。 阿發過了十多年輕鬆平靜的日子,終於有一天,咖啡店來了一位不速之客之後,就徹底改變了。此人其實是十屆世界麻將大賽的冠軍皇天霸。兩人言談中,透露出對方叫“阿順”(皇天霸),跟阿發是同門師兄弟。阿發本來以為師兄弟敘舊十分開心,豈知對方卻下戰書,要阿發出席一場在新加坡的世界麻將大賽,一較高低。 兩師兄弟為何形同陌路,他們20歲那年到底發生了什麼事…

Directed by: Adrian Teh 鄭建國

Starring :
Chapman To杜汶澤,
Mark Lee李國煌,
Michelle Ye葉璇,
Venus Wong 王敏奕

In Cinemas (Singapore) 新加坡上映日期: 19th Feb 2015

Genre 类型: Comedy 喜剧

Runtime片长: 112 mins 112分钟

Movie trailer

Review 觀后感

As usual, what do you expect for a Chinese New Year show? Happy ending of course.
Compare to other gambling show, I would think that the number of gambling scenes in the show was just too little. Instead, it focus a lot of other areas like Chapman’s relationship with his daughter – they are not good in displaying their love for each other openly, but their consideration for each other is definitely heartwarming; Chapman’s relationship with his wife, no matter how much she hurt him and ‘cheated’ on him, his simple nature of not holding on things too hard just help him to win her back in the end (opps! Spoiler!).

The show is focusing heavily on family and relationship, which make it a great Chinese New Year comedy – if you are looking for a heartfelt laugh with your family, this is the show to watch.

Oh yeah, do take note that at least 70% of the time, the actors are conversing in Cantonese, but thanks to the invention of “subtitle”, audience like G, who totally do not understand Cantonese, is able to understand the show through the English + Chinese subtitle.

Chapman’s peaceful life changed since Mark found him


Chapman and Mark are disciples of the legendary mahjong maestro, Master Ru.



The feeling of whole family taking meals together…



Happy show just in time for Happy Chinese New Year!


King Of Mahjong will be screening in Singapore cinemas on 19th February 2015 and 26th February 2015 in Malaysia – the show is just in time for you to watch with your family in this Chinese New Year break for a relaxing moment!


Thanks Clover Films for the invitation to the movie preview for King Of Mahjong《麻雀王》 .

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  1. Rachel, I've often been interested in learning this game. Maybe sometime I will learn. the movie looks fun. I like that you review some movies.

  2. I heard this movie is not bad, though haven't watch it myself yet.

    Dropping by via nomElizabeth for Comment and follow #38

  3. Hi Coleen, maybe you should learn mahjong, haha, I'm thinking of learning it through game. The movie is funny. I love watching movie, how about you?

  4. Hi Elizabeth, the movie is not bad. This CNY have loads of good movies and I guess lucky us are spoilt for choice. =) If you do happen to watch it, feel free to share your view on it!

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