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五月工艺 之 艺术家交易卡 (二) May is crafty month: Swap – Leftover ATC #2

Signed up for a swap for Leftover ATC(Artistic Trading Card) #2. Our mission is to clear out the junk drawer, use ruined crafts or unfinished, holiday decor, clean out the craft bin, and use these items to make a ATC.


My late submission for the Leftover ATC #2

This is my ATC end product.
The little piece of paper that wrote ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself, about creating yourself’ (weird structure of language, I think it’s missing a ‘it’s) is actually some scrap cut out from my old diary. But I thought the design is pretty sweet, right?
The ribbon, if I am not wrong, is gotten from some wrapper during past years gift exchanges?

I am two days late due to some deadline mixed up, I signed up for 3 swap at the same time, hope my swap partner will not be angry with me T__T.

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