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Mama Kitchen: Japanese Baked Cheesecake

Japanese Baked CheesecakeEstimated Time: 40min + 2-3 hours refrigeration timeNumber of Servings: 12 cheesecake bars Necessary Equipment: 6-inch square brownie pan Ingredients:Crust 120g (4.2oz.) vanilla wafers 40g (1.4oz.) butter (softened) Cheesecake 200g (7oz.) cream cheese (softened) 60g (2.1oz.) sugar 2… Continue Reading →

Mama Kitchen: 3-Ingredient Soufflé Cheesecake (Japanese Cotton Cheesecake)

And so Kpo Kia mama decided that once or twice failure will not stop her from messing up the kitchen. She is feeling adventurous and decided to try out the 3-Ingredient SoufflĂ© Cheesecake that was widely shared Facebook: You can… Continue Reading →

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