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Prata crust egg tart

JL shared the following recipe she learned from facebook group, to make Egg Tart using frozen prata skin: Original Frozen Prata egg tart recipe Ingredient (for 10-12 tarts) using Oven 150ml hot water 56g sugar 40ml evaporated milk or fresh… Continue Reading →

CB Day 38: Thursday

Today is 14-May-2020. Today schedule is: 9:10am: I slept at 3+am this morning but managed to drag myself up, finally finished Mr Sunshine… too heavy for me, I think I should switch to lighter crappy show after I finish ‘The… Continue Reading →

Dalgona coffee and cookie

And so I finally decided to try the legendary Dalgona coffee AGAIN… this time make a bit more of Dalgona for the cookie. Dalgona coffee recipe Ingredient 2 tablespoon of instant coffee powder or instant coffee substitute 2 tablespoon of… Continue Reading →

CB Day 37: Wednesday

Today is 13-May-2020. Today schedule is: 9:40am: Woke up and have simple breakfast – one slice of Nutella bread with half cup of my old town coffee After breakfast, Kpo Kia preschool have zoom session. After that, she did one… Continue Reading →

CB Day 36: Tuesday

Today is 12-May-2020. Today schedule is: 10:00am: *Sleepy* very tired. But pulled myself up to eat breakfast – half cup of my old town coffee. No other breakfast as I scare we need to eat lunch late again. 12.50pm: Kpo… Continue Reading →

CB Day 35: Monday, again

Today is 11-May-2020. Today schedule is: 10:40am: Woke up and struggle to leave bed, I dare not slack in bed too much on weekdays in case I am too used to my potato life. Breakfast is one slice of Kaya… Continue Reading →

CB Day 34: Sunday. Mothers’ Day

Today is 10-May-2020. Mothers’ Day. Totally no feel about this. Today schedule is: 10:40am: Although I slept at 2+am, I wake up at 8+am. Wanted to go back to sleep but distracted by WhatsApp messages, finally dragged myself up at… Continue Reading →

CB Day 33: Saturday

Today is 9-May-2020. I thought I will sleep early yesterday, but ended up I was awake till 4+am… Today schedule is: 10:40am: Woke up but still rot in bed. 11:20am: One cup coffee for me only, don’t dare to eat… Continue Reading →

CB Day 32: Friday again

Today is 8-May-2020. Feel like rotting doing nothing although I know I need to do a lot of things…. my TODO list had filled up the whole bullet journal. Today schedule is: 10:40am: Woke up late and only drink coffee… Continue Reading →

CB Day 31: Thursday

Today is 7-May-2020. Vesak Day. I nearly forgot today is a Public holiday, since I am not working anyway. Today schedule is: 11:10am: Woke up late and prepare a simple breakfast for Kpo Kia – Milk and cereal. I drank… Continue Reading →

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