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Backlog photo: Coromandel 2013

Yes, I know it’s been super long since I last went to New Zealand. Just before I forgotten what I had experienced there, I wish to refresh my memories by posting some of the backlog post. G had came over… Continue Reading →

Rangitoto Island

About RangitotoRangitoto Island erupted from the sea in a series of dramatic explosions around 600 years ago and is the youngest island in the Hauraki Gulf and the last and latest valcano to be formed in the Auckland volcanic fields…. Continue Reading →

Can’t stop missing you

And one wonders why I can’t stop missing you…


I was reminded of Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay when I first visited the Wintergardens. Wintergardens have two display glasshouses, where Gardens By The Bay have two Conservatories.Wintergardens is free entry for all, where non Singapore residents need to pay… Continue Reading →

New Zealand: Muriwai Beach

Cousin were here for two weeks so we decided to meet up to explore more of Auckland 🙂A & S are friendly people who do not mind meeting new people, so we all decided to meet up and go to… Continue Reading →

I wish….

I wish I can fly as carefree as them. Can I?

I’m back!

It’s been “quite some time” since I last update my blog. G had came over to New Zealand and we have gone traveling a bit around the country. Due to tight time constraint and lack of research before hand, we… Continue Reading →

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