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Tips on Unique Christmas Flower Arrangement

TC-17 MEDLEYImage Credit: That Flower Shop How to Send Unique Gifts of Flowers on ChristmasAs we all probably aware that Christmas is one month away and giving gifts on Christmas is a tradition believed and practiced by many people all… Continue Reading →

Kpo Kia Mama Tip #2: Soiled Clothings

Got this tip from Daiso facebook group, always keep a few pet poop bag in your diaper bag. It’s super handy when your LO have a “poo-nami” and you ended up with loads of soil clothings outside. I now have… Continue Reading →

Kpo Kia Mama Tip #1: Baby Safe Pesticides

Tip shared by mama’s ex-colleague:Always keep a bottle of children safe insect repellent spray. It works well as pesticides without the odour.

Ouch! She knocked her head!

Recently, Kpo Kia caused alarm in the whole family, she knocked her head!While we are quite used to it – she has been falling down from bed many times and even fall from crawling on the floor, this time it… Continue Reading →

Random: Travel with cheap air tickets

Call me kiasu but I just love deals.If I had not planned for a trip, cheap tickets can changed my mind.I love to travel with the lowest possible expenses. I rather be SPAMMED then LUGI (lose out).1) Sign up for… Continue Reading →

50 Quick Photography Tips

I always like the way the team share the photography tips in their hilarious manner 🙂I like tips 34: Shoot to please no one apart from yourself.

Healthy Time: BRAND’S® High Tea & Workshop on Immunity

Cerebos Pacific Limited, a leading food and health supplements enterprise in the Asia Pacific region had hosted a workshop on immunity at The Vineyard @ Hortpark to share some Health & Wellness information with us. Glad that I got to attend… Continue Reading →

Travel Tips: How to Pack Cables and Chargers

Getting ready for my journey to the south, time to learn some traveling tips. Saw this video on how to pack cables and chargers and think this is extremely useful, especially when you are a blogger on the run and… Continue Reading →

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