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CB Day 55: Last CB Sunday

Today is 31-May-2020. I lost track of time and dates again, I thought today is Saturday! And I am happier than Kpo Kia to know that CB will be over in 2 days time. LOL Today schedule is: 10:10am: Managed… Continue Reading →

CB Day 54: Last CB Saturday

Today is 30-May-2020. Today schedule is: 11:30am: Slept before 3am ‘last night’, initially wanted to wake up early, despite waking up few times on and off from 8am, I only managed to drag myself up around 11am. ‘Breakfast’ is a… Continue Reading →

CB Day 53: Last CB Friday

Today is 29-May-2020. Today schedule is: 10:00am: Breakfast is a cup of coffee for me, I woke up too late to make any breakfast 🙁 1:30pm: Kpo Kia papa da-baoing for us. Since it’s raining, asked him to pack sweet… Continue Reading →

CB Day 52: Last CB Thursday

Today is 28-May-2020. Today schedule is: 10:00am: I wanted to wake up at 8+am, but body is too tired. Finally wake up at almost 10am for breakfast, breakfast is the bread we bake last night, luckily they still eat the… Continue Reading →

CB Day 51: Last CB Wednesday

Today is 27-May-2020. Today schedule is: 9:40am: Wanted to wake up early but I was so tired I simply woke up late. Breakfast is a cup of old town white coffee and 2 slices of Spicy tuna bread for me…. Continue Reading →

CB Day 50: Last CB Tuesday

Today is 26-May-2020. Today schedule is: 9:40am: Trying to wake up early, but since I slept only around 3am again last night, 9+am is the earliest it can get for me. Breakfast is a cup of old town coffee and… Continue Reading →

CB Day 49: Monday… CB is ending soon~

Today is 25-May-2020. Today schedule is: 11:20am: Finally dragged myself out from bed after loads of struggle. Haha. I lost track of weekdays and weekends these days. Wake up and drink a cup of old town white coffee. 2:30pm: After… Continue Reading →

CB Day 48: Sunday

Today is 24-May-2020. Today schedule is: 11:20am: Took some time for Kpo Kia and papa to wake up after I woke up. I was rotting doing nothing, but since the duo took quite a while to finish cleaning up, I… Continue Reading →

CB Day 47: Saturday

Today is 23-May-2020. Today schedule is: 10:00am: Can’t sleep last night again, so wake up to  make ramen eggs, ended up, sleep at 3am again… Wake up at 8+am, but my body only managed to pull itself up from bed… Continue Reading →

CB Day 46: Friday

Today is 22-May-2020. Today schedule is: 10:10am: Pull myself out from bed after some struggle. Breakfast is a cup of Old Town white coffee and the Taiwan Castella cupcake made the previous night 2:00pm: Kpo Kia papa came home with… Continue Reading →

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