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Some thoughts on Air Asia flight QZ 8501 lost contact with air traffic control

It’s a sunny morning (still sunny as of now) and when I finally settle down to take a look at my Facebook page, I saw my friend posting something that ‘pray for those on ‘Air Asia flight QZ 8501’.
Bad feeling.
Quickly go to Straits time website and I saw the big headline ‘AirAsia flight QZ8501: Plane bound for Singapore lost contact with Indonesian air traffic‘ under top stories.
Flight QZ8501 had taken off from Surabaya at 5.35am Indonesia time this morning, flying towards Singapore and is expected to reached at 8.30am Singapore time. There was a total of 162 person on board – 155 passengers and 7 crew members.
Air Asia had announced that the plane lost contact with air traffic control around 6.24am Indonesia time (Indonesia is one hour behind Singapore).
Remember the incident when March MH 370 went missing?
It’s not related to me directly in any way but the impact sort of ‘haunted’ me till now. Treasure those around you, you never know what will happened next moment. Somehow I got more paranoid whenever I travel on flights, I insist on sharing my itinerary with someone who is not on the same flight as me (I hope my boss now understand why I am so persistence in getting all the flight information before we fly off for our last Bangkok trip).
Let’s not lost hope in the possibility to get some good news soon. I hope the law of attraction will bring them back to their love ones soon. #‎prayforQZ8501‬

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