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7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects

This is so cool…. I’m pretty sure I can’t come out with the same effect – be it because of the Singapore sunlight or because of my poor photography skill. But I still wish to try them out when I… Continue Reading →

The Expert

Friend share this Youtube video and it really got me LOL~ Working as a programmer for the past x years, I have deals with so many such Project managers and clients. Although most of the time I am ‘luckily’ not… Continue Reading →

Count On Me – Bruno Mars

And she did it again. 🙂 On my down days, she cheered me up today with a message wanting to share this video with me. I can’t stop looping the video and feel glad I have such a great friend…. Continue Reading →

Happy Weekend~~

Saw this on Facebook. Think it is very meaningful.Why wait to be happy? It’s weekend 🙂 Just create your own happiness if you think there is nothing to be happy about today. 🙂 e.g… watching a silly funny video.

50 Quick Photography Tips

I always like the way the team share the photography tips in their hilarious manner 🙂I like tips 34: Shoot to please no one apart from yourself.

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