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Have a blissful marriage~

And so our not-so-little little brother finally got married. Wishing that you two have an amazing life ahead!

Eventful 2 weeks

It’s an “eventful” 2 weeks…From moving house to completion of wedding, from moving things between the houses to sending the old man to hospital…Wish he recover soon. *Hugs*

Last weekend

It’s finally the (almost) last weekend before a new chapter in my life begins.Everything is as unpredictable as it can be and I have been whining non-stop.Better stop all the negativity and be happy.Cheer up, CF!

金猪 VS 烧猪

金猪 VS 烧猪.傻傻的我分不清楚。。。它们,真的有分别吗?


Chinese are so amazingly filial.Before marriage: I doubt other races people will go to such extend, spend all the life saving money to prepare a wedding ceremony for their parents and relatives.After marriage: Spend 9 months carrying a baby inside… Continue Reading →


他们华人。。。喜欢隔代婚姻喜欢隔代教育 因为自己结婚的时候没有机会安排自己的婚礼,所以孩子结婚时也不肯让他们安排他们自己的婚礼。 因为自己带孩子时怕宠坏了不好带,便宠坏孩子的孩子。反正孩子的孩子宠坏了,受苦的不是自己;即便是被他们欺负压得死死的,也是幸福,绝不幸苦。毕竟,有人把我当佣人使唤,就是代表我还有利用存在的价值。

Food Review : Mille.a.Ville Easter Themed Macaron Set

Thanks to Mapwerkz and Mille.a.Ville, I am one of the lucky blogger who get to win a set of Easter Themed Macaron to review~ *Happy* Collecting my Mille.a.Ville Easter Themed Macaron Set at Fullhouse Signature Singapore. Thanks Elgena from Mapwerkz! Cute… Continue Reading →

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