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Throwback: Our first staycation at D’Kranji Farm Resort

This is a very backdated post, I guess for the next few posts I will still post events that happened in 2016, just for record purpose 😛 After few months stucked between the few house – our house, his parent’s… Continue Reading →

Can’t stop missing you

And one wonders why I can’t stop missing you…

I’m back!

It’s been “quite some time” since I last update my blog.G had came over to New Zealand and we have gone traveling a bit around the country. Due to tight time constraint and lack of research before hand, we only… Continue Reading →

Random: Travel with cheap air tickets

Call me kiasu but I just love deals.If I had not planned for a trip, cheap tickets can changed my mind.I love to travel with the lowest possible expenses. I rather be SPAMMED then LUGI (lose out).1) Sign up for… Continue Reading →

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