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Win a fully sponsored holiday to Taiwan!

Taiwan is a nice country which I had travelled to 3 times and love the place and people. The local are friendly, the scenery is beautiful and the shopping is cheap!~ Win a fully sponsored holiday to Taiwan!KKday is currently… Continue Reading →

Movie Review: At Cafe 6《六弄咖啡館》

Image credit: At Cafe 6 Official Facebook page Movie synopsisMiss Liang’s car broke down after work in a rainy night. The coffee shop owner helps her and invites her to his shop named Café 6. When he knows Miss Liang… Continue Reading →

Movie Time: The Tag-Along《红衣小女孩》

Movie synopsisWei’s grandma suddenly disappears for no reason, but strangely the routines still move on as if she never vanished – the laundry is still done, their house is well-arranged as usual, and even breakfast remains prepared for Wei every… Continue Reading →

台北老少游 之 1600猫熊世界之旅 – 台北 (Panda World Tour @ Taipei)

Guess where are we? Hot day, but I like panda! Smile! Pandas everywhere! Side-by-side Hello from Formosan Black Bear! Danbo says: No climbing over here!!! Danbo in protective mode again Formosan Black bear is friendly bear! “Black Bear” hiding Do… Continue Reading →

台北老少游之 领悟

这一次旅程,让我看到了很多,也让我学会了很多。虽然是我第三次到台湾游,但这次的体验,肯定不比之前的少。我学会了找捷运电梯/扶梯的出口。我看到了当地人常去的集市。我发现了我的不足。我了解了我的任性与自私。我明白了老人与小孩的相同 – 我,感激母亲的牺牲。 Mum suggested that we can gift the calla lily to the ladies at our hotel, she like chatting with the soft-spoken and courtesy staffs. Happy to receive photos from them later that the lilies are at the… Continue Reading →

田馥甄 你就不要想起我

如果愛 不要怕 不要懦弱 不要逃 不要錯過… 你就不要想起我 主唱 田馥甄曲 楊子樸、劉大江 詞 施人誠 我都寂寞多久了還是沒好感覺全世界都在竊竊嘲笑我能有多驕傲 不堪一擊好不好一碰到你我就被撂倒 吵醒沈睡冰山後從容脫逃你總是有辦法輕易作到一個遠遠的微笑 就掀起洶湧波濤又聞到眼淚沸騰的味道 明明你也很愛我 沒理由愛不到結果只要你敢不懦弱 憑什麼我們要錯過夜長夢還多 你就不要想起我到時候你就知道有多痛 當時那些快樂多難得美好你真的有辦法捨得不要才剛成真的美夢 轉眼就幻滅破掉祝福你真的可以睡得好 明明你也最愛我 沒理由愛不到結果只要你敢不懦弱 憑什麼我們要錯過夜長夢很多 你就不要想起我到時候最好別來要認錯你就不要 想我到 瘋掉 明明你也還愛我 沒理由愛不到結果只要你敢不懦弱 憑什麼我們要錯過夜長夢會多 你就不要想起我我等夜監聽你說多愛我

陶晶瑩 我不祝福

我不說我祝福 我不祝你幸福 当我幸福时 也不需要你的祝福 我不祝福 主唱 陶晶瑩詞 魯維孝曲 Clare Reynolds / Chad Richardson 幾個字 寫寫停停 為了保持禮貌的語氣幾句話 斷斷續續 確定我們已經不熟悉偶爾我就恍了神 忘了現在的關係過去是過去 我的存在不再依賴你最多幾個深呼吸 最長幾秒鐘遲疑 我就會放下你 我不說我祝福 我不祝你幸福我不想去証明 我們是個錯誤放得下就不孤獨 站得遠些就清楚 我不祝福 那天氣 陰陰晴晴 沒有適合長駐的穩定這城市 來來去去 我已學會觸景不傷情偶爾我就軟了心 鬆了彼此的距離寂寞總提醒 我必須先照顧我自己輕輕聊天或寫信 不用太多的關心 沒有什麼意義 我不說我祝福 我不祝你幸福我要我們明白 不夠愛就放開不幻想就沒感觸 不期待就不在乎… Continue Reading →


After our SGIG Jul InstaMeet event at #HappyIsland – Sentosa on the last Saturday in July, we were pretty hungry so we decided to go over to Vivocity for a meal. G highly recommended XI MEN DING (西门町) so we… Continue Reading →

六月工艺 之 神龙 June is crafty month: Dragon – Soft toy Postcard

🙂 For sis Before After This year low budget so only this little present. 🙂 Thanks sis for being so understanding. *Muack*

五月工艺 之 福来军 May is crafty month: Soft toy Postcard

Work in progressing 🙂Guess what am I making? Hint: This is definitely not part of a bikini 😛 [Updated on 9th May]Actually I was making a mini soft toy out of the postcard I got from Taiwan last September. Taiwan… Continue Reading →

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