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Random: Buff & Hair for Hope

Was cleaning up my wardrobe and dig up my ‘Buffs‘ (got one original Buff® from Taka and one from the then-known-as Gmarket). My zebra style and gu-niang (ladylike) style headwears… Why do I need to get this multifunctional headwear when… Continue Reading →

Levi’s® Gives You $100 For Your Old Jeans!

Whenever it’s near Christmas, wherewhere is having promotion again~ Levi’s® trade-in jeans promotion is here again! Just bring in your old jeans of any brand and you can get up to $100 from Levi’s® – an instant $50 off any… Continue Reading →

Happy Deepavali!

Living in Singapore – a multi-racial country, we are exposed to culture from various races and religions and given public holiday to celebrate their festival (how we ended up with one of the countries with the least public holiday is still a… Continue Reading →

100 Plus PAssion Run 2012

It become almost a yearly event for me to sign up with 100 Plus PAssion Run. Of course I join in the 5km fun run.Goodie bag is my favourite part of all running events, different events gave out different items… Continue Reading →

Unforgettable Experience: Water for Life

Suddenly remember Sze comment on the ‘New Water’ on Sunday… somehow it brings me back to my memory on what I have done this March… Went to Siem Reap, Cambodia to join in a volunteer programme organised by Singapore International… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: Welcome to November 2012

First weekend of November!!!Saturday supposed to go Canon Photo Marathon but didn’t as I was not feeling very well… so end up resting at home and work a bit. Sunday (04 Nov 2012) went to the Happy Feet Race… Waiting… Continue Reading →

《第12届全球华语歌曲排行榜》 (12th Global Chinese Music Awards 2012)

Sister won the ticket to 《第12届全球华语歌曲排行榜》 (12th Global Chinese Music Awards 2012), thanks to F&N Fruit Tree Fresh through the F&N Fruit Tree Fresh – Win tickets to the 12th Global Chinese Music Awards 2012 Contest. So she asked me… Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: Happy Feet~

Collected my Happy Feet Slipper Race ‘race pack’…. a bit disappointing to find just a pathetic $10 Crocs voucher… nevertheless it’s for charity so no complain.Looking forward to my first walk in Novemeber 2012~ [Updated after the run]End up after… Continue Reading →

Travel Time: Hello Singapore!

Just came back to Singapore on Sunday night, till now still suffering from the ‘tour lag’, more to update on this blog when I have time to sort out the photos 😀 Sneak preview on some of my experience: First… Continue Reading →

Photo time: Sky 我的天空

I love looking at the sky, it looks different every seconds… On my way back home… 2 blocks away from my flat… When I reached my block few minutes later….

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