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Photo Time: On My Way Home

It’s been a long time since I last passed by Chijmes on my way home.


It was a nice evening and I wish to do something helpful.After work and I need to start another “journey to the West” again, this time, to HSA (Health Sciences Authority). Nice evening sky right? Guess what happens after the… Continue Reading →

Happy Time: Tiger Beer party

It’s “PI” time! 🙂Was invited to Tiger Beer party with Sis by Hong Peng. It is held at Pit Building and once again, it’s my first time going over there. Managed to meet up with Jie Lin & AL, and… Continue Reading →

Happy Time: Asahi Silver Beat Party IV

We needs to celebrate for surviving through doomsday! 🙂 Both Jie Lin and me were invited to the Asahi Silver Beat Party through the Asahi Beer Singapore Facebook RSVP. *Lucky* The event is held at One On The Bund and… Continue Reading →

Happy Time: Everyday is a different experience

Everyday is different, even though you might be working on the same thing, you will never have the same experience. Try look at the same sky at the same spot everyday. It will proof the above theory 🙂

Exercise Time: Walking home

It’s a 3km walk from office back home, roughly 45 mins if I didn’t lost my way.Benefit: Reduce fat (I hoped so… ) + more opportunities to take photos. Didn’t really take more photos… rushing home to be maid today…. Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: Brooks Run Happy Singapore 2012

Today is the day!It’s Brooks Run Happy Singapore 2012!Know the run from JC through Plurk and Sze when she is promoting the design of the medal, so decided to sign it up as my last running event for 2012. Guess… Continue Reading →

Born to be free

Read the article “Dolphin bound for Marine Life Park dies en route to Singapore” on few days back: SINGAPORE: A male dolphin bound for Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) has died on its flight to Singapore…. Continue Reading →

Exercise Time: OMWBH (On My Way Back Home)

Just suddenly feel like taking photos… one after another… I guess my passion for photography is still strong… On my way from office back home….Not artistic or what, but I love the sky… and somehow I feel the love from… Continue Reading →

Random: Buff & Hair for Hope

Was cleaning up my wardrobe and dig up my ‘Buffs‘ (got one original Buff® from Taka and one from the then-known-as Gmarket). My zebra style and gu-niang (ladylike) style headwears… Why do I need to get this multifunctional headwear when… Continue Reading →

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