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Movie Review: Shock Wave《拆弹专家》

Movie synopsisJS Cheung (Andy Lau), a Superintendent in Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD) of Hong Kong Police Force, went undercover seven years ago into the gang led by the most-wanted crime boss Blast (Jiang Wu). Cheung successfully uprooted the gang… Continue Reading →

Movie Review: At Cafe 6《六弄咖啡館》

Image credit: At Cafe 6 Official Facebook page Movie synopsisMiss Liang’s car broke down after work in a rainy night. The coffee shop owner helps her and invites her to his shop named Café 6. When he knows Miss Liang… Continue Reading →

Movie Time: My New Sassy Girl 《我的新野蛮女友》

Movie synopsisA sequel to the 2001 hit romantic-comedy “My Sassy Girl” – Cha Tae-hyun returns to reprise his role as Gyun-woo together with Victoria (member of South Korean girl group f(x)) as the new ‘sassy girl’. Gyun-woo (Cha Tae-hyun) is… Continue Reading →

Movie time: Paris Holiday 《巴黎假期》

Movie synopsisKit leaves Hong Kong for Paris with a broken heart, to start a new page of life and venturing into the wine business. Through real estate agent, Lau Chung, he finds a shared apartment with a weird tenant, Man,… Continue Reading →

Movie time: Sara 《雏妓》

Movie synopsisJournalist Sara has just spent four months completing an in-depth investigation piece. Her editor-in-chief, afraid of offending powerful politicians and business moguls, refuses to run it. Sara’s boyfriend, who works for the same magazine, chooses not to warn her… Continue Reading →

Movie Time: Triumph in the Skies 《冲上云霄》

Finally the long awaited movie version of Triumph in the Skies 《冲上云霄》is showing in Singapore! Movie synopsis 电影大纲 Young pilot Branson (Louis Koo) recently takes over Skylette, his father’s aviation empire, only to realize his old flames Cassie (Charmaine Sheh)… Continue Reading →

Movie Time: Meet Miss Anxiety 我的早更女友

The friendship and love between the 3 of them really make me laugh like mad throughout the whole show.  KWAK Jae-yong, the director of “Meet Miss Anxiety”, had directed “Asian Girlfriends Trilogy”, naming them are Jun Ji-hyun – the korea… Continue Reading →

Bliss House (Singapore)

It’s probably the last New Year eve which we will be having as two singles. After a bit of shopping, it’s time for our early dinner (I only had a sliced of cake and some snacks as lunch earlier). G… Continue Reading →

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